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New Territory

March 2, 2015

Tags: writing, agent, books, novels, change, moving, fiction, publishing, editing, marketing, fear, rejection, success, perseverance, submission, solitude, writer, introvert, extrovert

I'm finally here: ready and excited to submit my third novel to agents, AND, living in the great state of Washington, right on the Puget Sound. That these two things are happening roughly concurrently feels very right. Fated, even.

My first two novels (women's fiction) came out with big houses nearly ten years ago. Each of those books took me one year plus to write. The book I've just finished (more…)

Selected Works

"A hilarious and poignant debut novel about a mother of three who's suffering from a case of middle-aged invisibility and a soon-to-be-empty nest--and the dog who guides her out of the darkness..."
Children's Picture Book
A touching story for children on the loss of a grandparent.

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